Dont linger or gaze long at a past triumph or tragedy.
Neither pay undue attention to future what-ifs.
Like Noah did IN-BETWEEN building the ark and veritably floating upon the flood: OBEY & BUSY yourself with good works that result from your salvation.
BELIEVE like Abraham did IN-BETWEEN awaiting Gods promise and presenting Isaac unto the Lord. He was commended by the Lord and did not waver but believed God and was strengthened in his faith.
BE FAITHFUL, HUMBLE YOURSELF like Joseph did IN-BETWEEN the extreme of slavery and imprisonment. By virtue of his God given gifts he was soon catapulted to second in command over all of Egypt.
LEARN FROM MISTAKES like Jonah did IN-BETWEEN the belly of the whale, preaching reluctantly to the Ninevites and learning from the Lord beneath a sweltering sun.
Like Moses did while trapped IN-BETWEEN the waves of the Red Sea and Pharaohs approaching army: STAND still and see the salvation of the Lord. God soon opened a path in the sea allowing Moses and the children of Israel to cross over on dry ground and in turn drowned Pharaohs army in its depths.
Like Elijah IN-BETWEEN great victories and vicious threats from his enemies: HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THE LORD, DONT GIVE IN TO SELF-PITY. The Lord will lovingly in His good time work out all things concerning you, for your good, unto His glory.
Like Peter did while chained IN-BETWEEN two soldiers REST. No matter how severe your circumstances may be, the Lord will see you through.
Like Apostle Paul exhorted IN-BETWEEN beatings and imprisonment: REJOICE in the Lord always. Again I will say, REJOICE!

BELIEVE on the LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST who was crucified on Calvarys Cross IN-BETWEEN two thieves. He died and on the third day was raised from the dead. He ascended into heaven where He now sits at the right Hand of the Father. And will come again to receive us who have believed unto Himself.
He will keep us forever IN-BETWEEN His Loving Arms